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Congratulations. You’ve found the new resource for internet users, website owners and marketers that explains what the technology we call cookies is all about. The pages on this site show how cookies are used, the relationship they have between the website and your browser and why they are key to getting the best from the web.

As the UK internet industry’s think tank, the IAB has worked with website publishers, internet users, lawyers, marketers and technologists to lift the lid on the technology and the data protection issues surrounding it.

We would like to thank all of the people who contributed their time and effort. We hope you find these explanations and guidelines useful and look forward to hearing your comments as they will help us develop the site further.

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About this site

Cookies are the tools that give websites a sense of memory, allowing them to recognize one user from another. Most sites use them to do anything from counting the number of viewers they have to delivering tailored editorial content. Online they help us shop, use chat services and take part in communities. The advertising that funds many free sites relies on the reporting information delivered by counting cookies and website editors can use cookies to understand which of their pages are most popular.

  • For web users AllAboutCookies.org should explain how cookies work and how they can be managed.
  • For website owners AllAboutCookies.org should explain the privacy issues you must respect and help you generate appropriate privacy policies and audits. We would encourage you to link your new cookie policy directly to these pages.
  • For web marketers AllAboutCookies.org is a key resource to understand how third party research and advertising software must be adapted to respect the privacy needs of internet users.
  • For organizations wanting to join the IAB cookie initiative simply email our cookies project team
  • For all Cookies templates you need to configure hop over to search phantom and get your cookies template